Oliver Brown NEW 2020




As a veteran of the real estate industry, Oliver has been working in Contra Costa County selling homes since 1998. He is a California native who grew up in Lake Tahoe and then attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo before relocating to the East Bay to pursue a career in real estate.

Having helped clients buy and sell over $100 million of property over the years, he has an extensive understanding of our local markets and an expertise in negotiating. Oliver has comprehensive first-hand knowledge of buying and selling homes for both personal and investment purposes; and, with experience in both renovation and construction, he offers an unparalleled skill-set in helping sellers maximize the return on their homes.

Oliver is “hands-on” with buyers looking to achieve renovations and can help with both pricing and design for those looking to build "sweat equity" in their purchases. This gives him a unique perspective of buyer and seller goals in a transaction and what it takes to assist both.